Holy Marcher Hat 1 Quest Info ( Item 5225 )
Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 5 Angelus when attacking. MDEF+2 STR+2 Add a 10% resistance against Stun.
Item Information: Holy Marcher Hat 1
Quest Type Upper Headgear Quest
Required Level: 10

NOTE: This quest gives EXP. It's highly suggested you do this quest on a Priest-type character or another character that can handle swarms of undead.

Go to ra_san01 and go up the stairs. Go into the warp. In the next room keep walking till you go through the next warp. You should now be near a Kafra. Go to right hand side and enter the warp.

Move to the right again, past the place to redeem Temple Lottery Tickets and keep moving right. Look for a cubicle where three guys are standing by a desk/table [ra_temin (226, 157)].

Talk to the man in the middle, he'll ask for 500,000z to start the quest. Then talk to the guy on the left named Beyla. He'll tell you to help Byggvir (the NPC on the right) while he makes your hat.

Talk to him and you'll be warped to a room where there's a Necromancer NPC. To get your hat, you'll need to defeat all the monsters. There are some parts, all of undead monsters. I recommend you to make this quest with a Priest/Arch Bishop or some character with AoE skills. Once you defeat all the monsters you'll be back in the room of the three NPCs. Talk again with Beyla and he'll give you your hat.